Happily-Ever-After is Now with Abby Krom

Abby Krom, MFT, is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Los Angeles, CA. Abby specializes in anxiety, perfectionism, and disordered eating. In addition to seeing individual clients, she presents on these topics in corporate and community settings. 

Listen in as Abby and I discuss how she grew up surrounded by dieters and dieted for many years herself. She talks about how perfectionism dovetails with constantly trying to lose weight and exercise harder. Listen in as she talks about finding joyful movement, accepting her body as it is, and letting go of the fantasy of how happy she would be when she reached the “after” of the before and after that diet culture sells.

Show Highlights:

  • Anxiety and perfectionism are common in disordered eating and chronic dieting
  • Many of her clients haven’t heard that diets don’t work, rather they think they aren’t trying hard enough
  • The diet mentality was rampant when she was growing up
  • When she was 10 a doctor told Abby her weight was out of range for her age
  • She started Weight Watchers with her mom when she 10
  • She can still look at food and just know how many points something is, even though she left Weight Watchers years ago
  • Food became this area to conquer when she didn’t feel good about other parts of her life
  • We have this culture of before and after and Abby was dying for this after when she would be happy and free and all the guys would like her
  • How she had a dietician who told her she should look in the mirror and be disgusted by the fat on her body
  • Intuitive eating really lines up with mindfulness, but that doesn’t mean you have to be mindful all the time. It’s not about being perfect!
  • How she changed her relationship with exercise from one of punishment to one of attuning to the needs of her body
  • How letting go of rigidity with movement helped her experiment and figure out what feels good for her body
  • How her mom’s dieting behavior really influenced her 
  • Not joining in diet talk with her friends
  • How no longer pursuing weight loss can shake up a romantic relationship

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