05: Not Radical Enough with Lily Sloane
Lily Sloane

This week I’m talking to Lily Sloane, MFT, a San Francisco-based psychotherapist with a background in treating eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image issues. She is also a composer/independent audio producer and creator of the podcast A Therapist Walks Into a Bar and the community radio show Radical Advice on BFF.fm.

Listen to Lily discuss the role the inner critic plays in disordered and the lure of dieting as a means to fixing life’s more complicated problems.

Show Highlights

  • What it was like to grow up in a religious environment focused on health food
  • All the compliments that come with weight-loss assume you are doing great
  • Working on the inner critic was helpful in healing disordered eating but wasn’t radical enough
  • How the inner critic can take over mindful or intuitive eating
  • Chronic dieting dovetails with capitalist ideas of always having to be fixing yourself
  • Veiling talk about weight in talk about “health”
  • The difference between correlation and causation
  • How she is open with her clients about her own struggles so they know they are not alone
  • Declining getting weighed at the doctor’s office
  • One can work on their health without focusing on their weight
  • Learning to accept that we go through different seasons of life which will impact how we eat and move
  • How loving your body all the time is unrealistic
  • The impact of being single on how she eats
  • How she has to try to not solve life’s problems by going on a diet
  • Popular wellness models such as “clean eating” are very puritanical
  • French fries fried in beef drippings are delicious!

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