Our guest today is Glenys Oyston, registered dietitian, and food therapist who co-hosts the podcast, “Dietitians Unplugged”, with fellow anti-diet dietitian, Aaron Flores. 

Listen in as Glenys and Marielle talk about fat-positivity, body acceptance and eating intuitively instead of dieting. While we are all born with the ability to sense our internal hunger and fullness signals if you have a history of chronic dieting or disordered eating you may have lost touch with these signals. There is a way back and it involves patience, putting aside the desire to lose weight and connecting with others who are on a non-diet path. 

Show Highlights:

  • Fat isn’t inherently unhealthy, despite what we’ve been told
  • We come in all shapes and sizes. Body diversity is a real thing!
  • Trying to fix larger bodies is detrimental
  • How disordered eating habits have become the norm
  • Reclaiming the word “fat” as a neutral descriptor of a body size
  • The words “overweight” and “obese” pathologize and medicalize larger bodies 
  • Addressing eating concerns without a focus on weight
  • The HAES (Health At Every Size) philosophy
  • Intuitive Eating principles
  • Eating disorders happen in folks of all sizes
  • The myth that people put on weight as a protective factor
  • How the fear of weight gain makes it harder to eat intuitively 
  • The misconceptions of “Body Acceptance”
  • Dealing with fat-shaming doctors and setting boundaries
  • The risks of weight-cycling
  • The importance of connecting to the robust fat-acceptance community online
  • It’s actually ok to be fat

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